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Kilts are awesome but you don't have to wear a kilt to listen to the Life In A Kilt Podcast. "A Year In A Kilt" founder Rick Baldwin discusses a wide range of kilt topics of interest to kilt-wearers and kilt-lovers alike. If you've listened to the podcast in the past, it's an all new show format so strap on a kilt and come hang out. New shows twice a month.

May 4, 2017

It's a lazy, steamy summer day here in Atlanta. Only it isn't summer yet. How do people move around in this heat?? Blah! Rick is feeling a bit cranky after losing an unsaved illustration to a rare computer crash. Lesson learned. Cheri updates us on her big date with the mysterious Ren Fair gentleman. No word yet on whether jousting was involved. Rick had a birthday full of Billys which let him know he isn't the only one getting old. After a little month of May trivia, Cheri introduces a song from one of her favorite artists, Hamell On Trial. The song is "I Hate Your Kid" and we're pretty sure it isn't about any kids we know. The Live Beer Review pours out a beverage that is barely a beer out all and Rick and Cheri are quite divided on this one. It's Wild Blue Blueberry Lager by Blue Dog Brewery. What do YOU think of it?