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Kilts are awesome but you don’t have to wear a kilt to hang out with Life In A Kilt Podcast hosts Rick and Cheri. The podcast is currently on indefinite hiatus but that shouldn't stop you from listening to all the episodes in this archive. Shows about Renaissance Festivals, beer, trivia, pop culture, food, Celtic heritage and, of course, kilts. Play along with the monthly Listener Challenges and annual events like the October “Kilt of Horrors.” Shows regularly features special guests, comedy sketches, games, news and stories about the adventures of everyday life. And if you enjoy Rick and Cheri on the Life In A Kilt Podcast, check them out every week on their latest podcast This Epic Disaster.

Jun 1, 2017

It's Episode 40 and lots of new stuff going on in the podcast. Cheri got a big promotion at work and will now be in charge of buying all the beer for our reviews. Rick was involved in a very bizarre slow motion accident and lived to tell about it. Speaking of living, Rick has been tool shopping for the survival instruments he will need while living alone for a year in the Alaska wilderness. June is National Doughnut Month and, of course we have to discuss the delicious little treats. Unfortunately, no one brought any to the recording. We roll out a new Listener Challenge and start planning our Live Game Nights. Anyone up for playing with us? This week we feature "Pony Blues" by the Bluff City Backsliders. Check them out on BandCamp! We slice open a Juicy Watermelon Lime Ale by New Belgium Brewing Company for our Live Beer Review and hope Rick can keep it down.