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Kilts are awesome but you don't have to wear a kilt to listen to the Life In A Kilt Podcast. "A Year In A Kilt" founder Rick Baldwin discusses a wide range of kilt topics of interest to kilt-wearers and kilt-lovers alike. If you've listened to the podcast in the past, it's an all new show format so strap on a kilt and come hang out. New shows twice a month.

Mar 30, 2017

(SOUND FILE UPDATED to replace previous wonky file) Well, it's one week until Kilt Con 2017! We've been planning and preparing and didn't have time to record the podcast in our usual studio so we set up our remote equipment in Cheri's living room. This, combined with three beers, a glass of Scotch and a glass of wine, makes Cheri a bit... chatty. Rick feels like could be a good time to reveal something personal to the listeners. How bad could that turn out? Rick and Cheri prepare for a radio interview next week and Rick is concerned Cheri might get a bit out of line (How bad could that turn out?). The Kilt Con Events are mostly settled and we encourage everyone to try to attend an Event close to you. If you can't don't forget, next week's podcast will be a LIVE video podcast from Kilt Con Atlanta. Our Live Beer Review this week is Sticky Stout by Red Hare Brewing Company. See you at Kilt Con, friends!