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Kilts are awesome but you don’t have to wear a kilt to hang out with Life In A Kilt Podcast hosts Rick and Cheri. The podcast is currently on indefinite hiatus but that shouldn't stop you from listening to all the episodes in this archive. Shows about Renaissance Festivals, beer, trivia, pop culture, food, Celtic heritage and, of course, kilts. Play along with the monthly Listener Challenges and annual events like the October “Kilt of Horrors.” Shows regularly features special guests, comedy sketches, games, news and stories about the adventures of everyday life. And if you enjoy Rick and Cheri on the Life In A Kilt Podcast, check them out every week on their latest podcast This Epic Disaster.

Oct 3, 2016

It's the Life In A Kilt Podcast and in episode 3 there are some lingering effects of seasonal allergies. It's nothing a Live Beer Review won't soothe though, so we review Glütiny Pale Ale by New Belgium Brewing. We let you know what the basic "kilt package" should be for the new kilties out there and we discuss SportKilt, polyviscose kilts and boots. A guy in Scotland was assaulted for wearing a kilt, so be careful out there!